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What Makes Our Products Unique?

It starts with the wonderful flour produced on Muhammad Farms!


All flours are NOT equal, and with so many types and suppliers on our supermarket shelves today, selecting the right flour for your recipe can definitely be an education. Here’s one you won’t find in that supermarket mix: Muhammad Farms Premium Whole Wheat Flour. Not just any flour, Muhammad Farms Flour is a Premium, Soft, Red, Whole Wheat Flour, Naturally Grown; Free of Pesticides and Chemicals, Harvested, and Milled in Bronwood, GA. Low in gluten and high in the vitamins, minerals and fiber stripped from much of the commercial flour products on the market today.

See What We Bake

Soft Breads

“Whole wheat bread, cooked thoroughly, is the best bread.” – The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

“About 40% of all commercially prepared yeast breads in the United States is in the Soft Breads Family.” – Michael Kalanty

Sourdough, The Oldest, Most Original Form of Leavened Bread

An ancient art, crafted in harmony with nature. It’s only natural that we eat it as opposed to other breads.

Sourdough Breads

“The whole wheat kernel should be milled and ground very fine. When you are ready to make bread, add water and yeast to it and set it aside to sour. This will put it in a better digestive state to be cooked properly for your stomach to digest.” – The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

“It is difficult to buy a sourdough bread that isn’t flavored with vinegar or a variety of chemicals to simulate the real thing.” – Ed & Jean Wood

“Fermentation is a form of making food more nutritious and more digestible.” – Eduardo Morrell

We Make A Small Variety Of Pies

AFTER DECADES OF PUTTING OUR PIE FILLINGS IN OTHER FOLKS CRUSTS, we are grateful to announce in 2022, with the scarcity of products and supplies due to the pandemic, we began producing our own!

The Bean Pie

We started producing the Bean Pie wholesale on the west coast, in 2004.

“And there is nothing likeĀ a good one.”

Our most frequently asked question, by those not acquainted, “BEAN PIE?!, What’s a BEAN pie?!” Well, think sweet potato pie and the spices that go into a good sweet potato pie, but lighter, like a custard. This comparison is to help those who have never tried bean pie make some sort of connection with their mental palate. Bottom line, you have to try one! And there is nothing like a “good” one! The Bean Pie is our first product and we have been baking this wonderful dessert for nearly two decades.

Where does the BEAN pie come from? (Another question.) Bean pies are commonly associated with Black Muslim cuisine as it was given to us and its consumption encouraged by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, in lieu of the heavily starched, hard to digest, sweet potato pie.

Surprisingly Delicious!

Limited Shipping

Currently we ship the following products:

Pull-apart Dinner Rolls / Sliders: 4 dozen case

Sliced Whole Wheat Loaves: 4 loaves – small case / 8 loaves – large case. Customer pays the cost to ship.

Please contact us for our shipping schedule. We halt shipping certain times of the year.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

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